AARC Digital Net Survey (Results!)

The results are in!

Question 1

Question 2

– Not sure if I can join from the Netherlands…
– I would like to somehow maintain simplicity for new users as well as steadily add more functions.
– Don’t give up Mike – it will be Fall – then Winter – and people will participate again. Please don’t give up just yet.
– I don’t yet use digital modes (except for CW)
– Why use ICS forms and radiograms? just say what you want to say and save a bunch of wasted time.
– Never tried it….might enjoy if I do

Question 3

Comments: variations on “No comment” or “No opinion”

Question 4

– The club used to do a tech q and a after the Monday night info net.
– No opinion about this, please let me know how I can join the next time
– How about a low band digital net? Like 40 meters – and if someone has unsolvable issues they just go to the repeater with audio to let you or anyone else know what is going one.
– Rag chew net
– Don’t know until I try it

73, Mike KQ9P

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