About Us


The Albemarle Amateur Radio Club (AARC) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio and to public service. We meet monthly on the grounds of UVA, conduct Ham Radio license preparation classes, administer Volunteer Examination sessions, operate a network of VHF and UHF repeaters, mentor new ham radio operators, practice providing emergency communications, and support many public service events. We have 110 members. Our members are involved in all aspects of Amateur Radio including casual QSOs on all HF, VHF and UHF bands, contesting, DXing, RTTY, CW, SSB, all digital formats, building antennas, experimenting, and service to our local community.

AARC is an ARRL Special Service Club. AARC members are also heavily involved in emergency communications (ARES/RACES of VA) services, and the ARRL Field Day.

2018 Elected Officers
President: John Porter, KK4JP
VP: Dennis Terribile,WR4I
Secretary: Jim Wilson, K4BAV
Treasurer: Don Eason N4UVA

Elected Directors 2018
Dave Damon, K4DND  Public Service
Jim Owen, K4CGY  Estate Service
Bill Pond, N0WP  Technical
Rick Oliver, W3KDR  Education
A.J. Miller, KE4AJM  Fundraising
Paul McKee, AK4OH  Public Relations

Appointed Leadership 2018
Mark Gorlinsky, WA1A  Volunteer Exam Liaison
Mike McPherson, KQ9P ARES/RACES
Jim Owen, K4CGY  Club Stations Trustee
Ron Richey, K4RKA  Swap Fest Coordinator
VACANT   Beacon Editor
Michael Rein, KA4JJD  Awards Committee
Bob Pattison, K4DU  Field Day Chairperson
Vacant Photo  Gallery Editor
Mike McPherson, KQ9P  Webmaster

Mailing Address
PO Box 6833
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906

Contact Us

For General Inquiries, contact John Porter KK4JP, KK4JP@arrl.net
For Membership Status Inquiries, contact  Jim Wilson, K4BAV     telegraphjim@gmail.com
For Issues Paying Dues, contact Don Eason, N4UVA,    Deason@comcast.net
For Questions about Club Repeaters, contact Bill Pond, N0WP,     wdpond@mac.com
For Questions about Public Service Events, contact Dave Damon, K4DND,    dnd@virginia.edu
For website issues, contact Mike McPherson, KQ9P,    mike@kq9p.us


AARC was founded in 1962.

Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
Past Presidents

1962     Nov 6 Organizational meeting
1963     Bob Van Fossen K4DJG
1964     Bob VanFossen K4DJG
1965     Dick Florence W4OFR
1966     Ed Bernet WA4UPI
1967     Ed Bernet WA4UPI
1968     Ed Bernet WA4UPI
1969     Buzz Beichman W3EMD
1970     Buzz Beichman W3EMD
1971     Bob Mahoney WB4LKZ
1972     Bob Mahoney WB4LKZ
1973     Harry Sands WA4BGM
1974     Harry Sands WA4BGM
1975     Biff Franks WA4PMG
1976     Jon DiMarco N4IC
1976     Don Lynch W4ZYT
1977     Ben Kitteridge WA4REI
1978     Ron Richey K4RKA
1979     Ron Richey K4RKA
1980     Don Wigent WD4ALY
1981     Don Wigent WD4ALY
1982     Morris Jones NM4R
1983     Morris Jones NM4R
1984     Morris Jones NM4R
1985     Harrison Faulkner W4DO
1986     John Gray W6UZ
1987     John Gray W6UZ
1988     Larry Wright N4OCH
1989     Bob Pattison KM4DU
1990     Bob Pattison KM4DU
1991     Bob Pattison KM4DU
1992     Bob Pattison KM4DU
1993     Bob Pattison KM4DU
1994     Greg Faust N4PGS
1995     LeRoy Sutter WA4MHP
1996     Pete Wildman AD4TU
1997     Bill Bearden KC4TQF
1998     Bill Bearden KC4TQF
1999     Don Bush KE4DDR
2000     Bob Pattison K4DU
2001     Stan Hazen K2SSB
2002     Bob Pattison K4DU
2003     Steve Traylor KF4ZGD
2004     Pete Thorsen W4PRT
2005     Jay Rostow K4AZV
2006     Jay Rostow K4AZV
2007     Jay Rostow K4AZV
2008     Dave Damon K4DND
2009     Dave Damon K4DND
2010     Dave Damon K4DND
2011     Jim Crosby K4JEC
2012     Jim Crosby K4JEC
2013     Bob Pattison K4DU
2014     Jim Owen K4CGY
2015     Ed Berkowitz N3US
2016     Ed Berkowitz N3US
2017     Ed Berkowitz, N3US