W4UVA Open House

W4UVA will hold an open house on Sunday, 10 November 2019, from 2-4pm at the W4UVA shack. (See https://www.w4uva.org/location/ for directions.)

We will be operating a voice station and a digital station for DX (distance) contacts around the world; a satellite antenna and radio for making contacts through amateur radio satellites; a Winlink radio email station for sending email via amateur radio; and an amateur radio mesh networking node.… Read the rest

AARC 2019 Field Day Report

Here is a summary of our submission to ARRL:

Entry received at: 2019-07-21 16:30:58
Call Used: W4DO GOTA Station Call: WA4TFZ ARRL/RAC Section: VA Class: 3A
Participants: 72 Club/Group Name: Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
Power Source(s): Generator, Solar
Power Multiplier: 2X
Preliminary Total Score: 4,526
Bonus Points:
100% emergency power 300
Media Publicity 100 – Documented by fd2019-dailyprogressarticle.pdf… Read the rest