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========= NEW ITEMS & MOST RECENT LISTINGS as of 9/18/2018


EXPLORER 14,TRIBAND BEAM,10/15/20M  this is a new item that was in the last donation to the club.  It’s new as I opened the box and removed the elements so I could get it in the car as the box wouldn’t fit.  It cost new $629.00 and for you the club is asking $395.00.  This is a real bargain if you’re looking for a small beam. It’s a four element though the driven element consist of three elements.  It’s on a short 14 foot boom so will fit on a small tower or roof tripod.  The box with all the small parts had been opened but doesn’t appear that anything is missing.  If so all parts are still available as this is a current item.  Once again only $395.00 and contact Jim K4CGY@ yahoo.com or 434-296-3044 for information.


Flex 1500 SDR transceiver with microphone, software and manuals.  It’s very clean and looks to be in perfect condition.  $485.00
HP-608c RF signal generator  10 MHz-420 MHz.  Works but needs some work on the metering   $25.00
Boonton Q-meter Model 260A  Good condition, calibration looks to be right on.    $45.00                                
    Commercially built but unknown a 15m & 20m trap dipole.  Looks unused and checked $20.00
club items, contact  K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044


Wassco Glo-Meltmodel 105-A3S3resistance soldering unit$20
Contact, incmodel H-101CDresistance soldering unit, HOTTIP w/foot switch$20
Trygon0-40V, 5Aregulated power supply$35
Valor Instruments0-30V,  0.6A eachdual output variable voltage power supply$20
Teledyne12VDC, 6Aregulated power supply$10
Teledyne24VDC, 6AUnregulated power supply$5
Vibroplex Iambic Standard new listing $172, sold listings on ebay $76 to $125.  buy it now for $60
straight key, no name found, flat black base with switch underneath/inside, not exposed like the traditional straight key.  buy it now for $5.
Astatic PDC1 power/swr bridge, 100 watt max so probably designed for the CB world.  SWR reads OK at 2m (reversing ant w/ xmt gives almost the same reading), but the PWR is NG at 2m.  it just pegs the meter.  check on HF or just use the SWR feature.  buy it now for $5.
Archer 21-506 15 watt dummy load, DC-500MHz.  eBay sold at $15.  buy it now for $7.50.
several BNC connectors, look like some sort of no-solder type.  One unopened plastic bag of  10.  $5.
3 loose unused ones $0.50 each.
one radio shack 278-186 solderless twist on PL-259 unopened.  list was $3.29. buy it now for $1
3 loose unused ones $0.75 each.
BNC female to PL-259 male adapters.  new price about $2.50.   $0.50 each.
4 PL-259 female to BNC male.  look new.  $1 each.
8  BNC barrels.  look new.  listed around $5 – $6 which seems high.  buy now for $1 each

contact ron k4rka@juno.com


Sell: Cushcraft 2M 4 element beam and mast clamp….$40   Marty W4MBW  434-547-9642



Par Electronics OA-144 Horizontal Polarized 2m antenna.  This is used for SSB mostly on the lower end of 2m.  Generally tuned for 144.2 MHz though this one is set for the Satellite band.  Easily re-tuned for most any frequency.  Very small 14×17.5 inches, mounts to a pole or tower leg.  Google Par Electronics for more info.  Contact Jim Owen k4cgy@yahoo.com

MFJ1717 144/440 MHz antenna for an HT with a BNC connector but includes a BNC to SMA adapter.  $9.00  Jim K4CGY@yahoo.com

posted 5/23/2018 – FOR SALE – WA4TFZ CLUB BENEFIT – revised

MFJ 1715S 2mts HT Antenna $15.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
PAR Electronics Fox Hunt Antenna model OA-144   $20.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
West Mountain Rig Blaster data controller  RS-232 output good condition  $20.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044

Heil Traveler Headphone (single)/Mic with RJ-45 connector $25.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
i Com HM-103 spkr/mic for HT needs connector $12.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
Google or use duckduckgo.com to gather additional info and the specs on any of the above.
James C. Owen, III K4CGY

posted 5/13/2018

I put the list with pictures on my web site. If you would, please spread the word.


73, George W4AVO


George Hunt <george@w4avo.org>



FOR SALE – posted 5/11/2018

W4UVA, the Amateur Radio Club at the University of Virginia, has received a donation of a number of vintage RF power amplifiers.  I am selling these on behalf of W4UVA.  All proceeds will go to W4UVA to support amateur radio at UVa. The following unit is still available:

Henry Radio 100B-291 (tuned for 282-300 MHz), Serial # 45-1927; 1 milliwatt in produces 100 watts –  $250

Contact  Ed N3US at eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net


FOR SALE – posted 2/27/2018

For Sale: SteppIR 4 element 20-6m Yagi, SDA100 controller, 33V upgrade option, transceiver interface option.  See http://www.steppir.com/4-element-yagi for details.  Originally purchased in 2012 by W4UVA.  Two of the Element Handling Units (EHUs) have been reconditioned by SteppIR; the other two were working properly when the antenna was taken down.  Great antenna for a serious DXer or contester.  New price for this package is over $3000.  Asking $1800.  Proceeds from this sale will return to W4UVA to support amateur radio at UVa.  Contact Mike KQ9P (mike@kq9p.us).


FOR SALE                          updated 9/7/2018

Bencher Gold BY-3 Iambic CW Paddle serial number 127108 with real gold plating, finish is shinny without pitting. Excellent not perfect. Solid Silver contact Points, Used for Display. Includes original Bencher Box and adjusting tool. $300  Contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

Copper wire, solid 6 AWG,  bare, 315 feet on new roll, $90.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001


updated  1/23/2018 – –  FOR SALE

Mosley 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna, mates to a SO239 (coax) connector, great condition, can be used for a base station with the addition of radials $15.00
Larsen 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna also mates to a SO239 connector, great condition and also can be used for base station with addition of radials $20.00
Heil BM-10 Headset, this is the open ear version with dynamic microphone wired for Kenwood good condition $65.00
Heil Pro-Set with HC5 microphone element,  excellent condition, used every field day so you may have used it  $115.00
Kris SWR meter with field strength indication  (common circuit  used in most) $6.00
Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044  k4cgy@yahoo.com

FOR SALE: updated 3/5/2018

I am selling the following for a club member who is donating 30% of the proceeds to our club:

RCI-5054DX-100, full featured, all mode, 100 watts, 6 meter compact rig.  Perfect for mobile.  Excellent condxn, with manual. $260.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

Radio Shack, HTX-10 Ten Meter Mobile transceiver (FM, AM, SSB), excellent condxn.  $100. contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

MFJ-492 Menu-Driven Memory Keyer, excellent condxn, $75.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

Yaesu Vertex commercial radio, VX-6000L, like new with mic, external speaker, manual: $225; contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001



From: Bill Sterling <wgs10@embarqmail.com>
Kenwood MC-50 (MRSP $120) for sale for $60

– – Bill, k4ooo                            posted 5/15/2017  revised 2/16/2018


FOR SALE                              updated 1/6/2018

Desk Mic by KLM model FDM-148 Dynamic 600 ohm impedance wired for 4 pin Ten-Tec.  Looks good but a few dings and works fine. $25.00.
James C. Owen, III –  K4CGY@yahoo.com


 posted 7/2/18.

For Sale:

Antenna – G5RV, 10 to 80 meters  – $20.00

Antenna meter – SWFS-2 (Thorotest) – $10.00

Power meter/SWR meter, RPSWR-3 – $10.00

Army Signal Corps Lionel 1942 J-36 (Bug) in excellent condition except missing name plate (as most of these antiques are). –  $125.00

Rob Robinson – KJ4KMS – Charlottesville, VA   Tel. (434) 327-8255 – email KJ4KMS@comcast.net


For Sale:                            revised 1/24/2018

15M 3 element Yagi, Hy-Gain 153. Another excellent antenna, the original steel boom has been replaced with an aluminum one, again some steel parts, mainly bolts, will need replacing. This antenna was one of the first made as it was purchased in 1954 by W4HPR.   $45.00

20M 3 element Yagi, Hy-gain 203B in excellent condition.  This is the antenna we have used on past field days. $85.00

Contact Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044


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