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======= NEW ITEMS & MOST RECENT LISTINGS as of 1/17/2020



This is a NEW IN THE ORIGINAL BOX IP-28 kit. The power supply is rated at 1-30 Volts @ 1 Amp. Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.3 x 6.5 inches; 7.5 lbs. I do not have the assembly instructions but they are available on e-bay and elsewhere. This is an excellent project for a new Ham. Price: $30 plus shipping. Contact Alan K9MBQ in Charlottesville, VA. 434-975-6237; alan.swinger@gmail.com


FOR SALE: updated 1/17/2020

The following  equipment was recently donated to AARC and will be taken to Frost Fest if not sold locally.  This is some very clean equipment very reasonably priced that I hope club members consider purchasing.

Yaesu FRG-7 receiver with accessories.  $150

Bencher BY-2 Chrome paddle, includes adjusting tool, like new: $75

SGC-230 Auto Tuner, over $550 new; buy this one excellent condxn for $225.

Hustler, 6BTV, 6 band HF vertical antenna with DX Engineering tilt-over mast and other accessories: $225

Bearcat BC895XLT Trunk Tracker Scanner, $150

RF concepts Model rfc 2-23 2 meter Amp, 2 watts in produces 23 watts, $75

SignaLink USB digital comms interface with Cable for Kenwood. $85

Heil FS-2 footswitch; $25

MFJ-1700B Transmitter/Antenna 6 position switch; connect any antenna to any transmitter; $40

contact Ed Berkowitz, N3US at eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975 9001.


Posted 8-29-2019

Selling: Btech Amp fliers: VHF(AMP-V25D) and UHF(AMP-U25D. Input Power: 2-6watts and Output Power: 25-30watts. Includes original boxes and power supply connectors. See Amazon for additional specifications. Price: $80 each or $150 for pair.

Luke, KN4WCW@gmail.com or (434) 218-3135


FOR SALE, AARC BENEFIT, posted 6/20/2019

Good Will Instrument Co. Model GFC-8010G Frequency counter.  A nice counter that works and looks just fine.  Well worth $90.00 but asking $75.00.
Fluke Model 8050A Digital Volt Meter. Another nice item that’s worth more than we’re asking.  $40.00.
Contact Jim K4CGY k4cgy@yahoo.com



Trygon0-40V, 5Aregulated power supply$35
Valor Instruments0-30V,  0.6A eachdual output variable voltage power supply$20
Teledyne12VDC, 6Aregulated power supply$10
Teledyne24VDC, 6AUnregulated power supply$5

contact ron k4rka@juno.com



 MFJ1717 144/440 MHz antenna for an HT with a BNC connector but includes a BNC to SMA adapter.  $9.00  Jim K4CGY@yahoo.com
MFJ 1715S 2mts HT Antenna $15.00 
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
Icom HM-103 spkr/mic for HT needs connector $12.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044

FOR SALE                          updated 1/5/2020

Bencher Gold BY-3 Iambic CW Paddle serial number 127108 with real gold plating, finish is shinny without pitting. Excellent not perfect. Solid Silver contact Points, Used for Display. Includes original Bencher Box and adjusting tool. $300  Contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001


updated  11/23/2019 – –  FOR SALE

Mosley 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna, mates to a SO239 (coax) connector, great condition, can be used for a base station with the addition of radials $15.00
Larsen 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna also mates to a SO239 connector, great condition and also can be used for base station with addition of radials $20.00
Heil BM-10 Headset, this is the open ear version with dynamic microphone wired for Kenwood good condition $65.00
Heil Pro-Set with HC5 microphone element,  excellent condition, used every field day so you may have used it  $115.00
Kris SWR meter with field strength indication  (common circuit  used in most) $6.00
Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044  k4cgy@yahoo.com


For Sale:                            revised 10/29/2019

20M 3 element Yagi, Hy-gain 203B in excellent condition.  This is the antenna we have used on past field days. $85.00

Contact Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044