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Beam, Rotator and Tower for Sale

Sommers XP-706 Beam 10-12-15-20 + 6 + 17 meters (24’ Boom) with manual, DX Engineering Balun, Yaesu G-800DXA Rotator and Control Box, Rohn 25-G tower 58’ with rotor plate and thrust bearing. Yours for $1450. Buyer is responsible for removal and transport at their expense. This fantastic antenna has served me very well. Located in the Ruckersville, Virginia area. Call 434-960-3344 and leave a message if I do not answer, or email me at rep4@aol.com with “Sommers Beam” in the subject line. – K4DU

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for sale: 10/14/2020

Bencher BY-2  Chrome plated, iambic paddle. excellent condxn; $125, contact eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net


for sale:10/11/2020 

Cushcraft R7 40-10 meter vertical.  The R7 does not require radials.  Covers 7 bands from 40-10 meters except 12 meters.  Up and working fine. $100.00 k4cgy@yahoo.com 434-296-3044.


FOR SALE                 posted 9/21/2020


This stack of ham radio equipment provides a complete station. It is
made up of the Yeasu Ft-857D, an HF/VHF/UHF all mode radio. On SSB/CW/FM it puts out 100W, 50W on VHF and 20W on UHF.  The radio is mounted on topof the LDG YT-100 auto tuner.  The front button on the tuner puts the radio into AM mode to transmit a low power carrier to initiate a tuning cycle.  When a match is found, the radio returns to the mode and
settings being used prior to the tuning cycle.  Mounted on top of the
radio is a Signalink interface used for all digital modes.  The Signalink and radio are connected to a RaspberryPi 4 that can control all functions of this portable station.

All that is required is power. The Pi is configured to operate as a VNC
server and any desktop, laptop or tablet running as a VNC client can be
used to operate the station.  This package comes with or without the
Pi.  If you are not comfortable with the basics of the RaspberryPi, the
USB cable from the radio can be connected directly to your desktop or
laptop.  The Pi is loaded with all software necessary for all digital
activities, WSJT for FT8, FLdigi, and Winlink and more.  This has been a
fun project, but now that the project has been completed, the package is
superfluous to my needs and it is time to find a new home for it.

Although the FT-857D is discontinued by Yaesu, this radio has had very
little use and has a long life left to the next owner.  The package is
priced at $650 with the RaspberryPi, $625 without.  You can contact me
at:  dnd5866@gmail.com.
Here are photos of this Shack in a Stack


FOR SALE:                                                posted 9/4/2020
Kenwood TS-530S. Case in good shape, no major cosmetic issues. Came from a ham radio lover’s estate. Last used about 3 years ago. When plugged in, all lights work. Have not tested with antenna or mic. $225.00. lvogt09@gmail.com

posted 7/17/2020        FOR SALE

Ameritron AL-80  S/N 551  In good condition with almost new 3-500Z tube. Output is about 800 watts 160-15 meters, a little less on 12 & 10 meters.  Wired for 240V but can be set for 120V.  However, 240 is recommended.   This is the first model Ameritron and is about 40 years old +/-  I have used it for 38 years with very few problems and only retired it when I bought  a solid state amplifier.   $750.00   Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044 k4cgy@yahoo.com


Updated 9-22-2020
Sell: Linksys Range Plus Wireless Router.  like new.    $15
Contact Ed, N3US at eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net

FOR SALE, AARC BENEFIT, posted 8/20/2019

Good Will Instrument Co. Model GFC-8010G Frequency counter.  A nice counter that works and looks just fine.  Easily worth $90.00 but asking $75.00.
Fluke Model 8050A Digital Volt Meter. Another nice item that’s worth more than we’re asking.  $40.00.
Contact Jim K4CGY k4cgy@yahoo.com



Trygon0-40V, 5Aregulated power supply      $35
Valor Instruments0-30V,  0.6A eachdual output variable voltage power supply $20
Teledyne12VDC, 6Aregulated power supply      $10
Teledyne24VDC, 6AUnregulated power supply      $5

contact ron k4rka@juno.com



 MFJ1717 144/440 MHz antenna for an HT with a BNC connector but includes a BNC to SMA adapter.  $9.00  Jim K4CGY@yahoo.com
MFJ 1715S 2mts HT Antenna $15.00 
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044
Icom HM-103 spkr/mic for HT needs connector $12.00
Contact Jim Owen K4CGY@yahoo.com 434-296-3044

updated  09/11/2020 – –  FOR SALE

 Mosley 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna, mates to a SO259 (coax) connector, great condition, can be used for a base station with the addition of radials $15.00
Larsen 2 meter 5/8 wavelength antenna also mates to a SO259 connector, great condition and also can be used for base station with addition of radials $20.00
Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044  k4cgy@yahoo.com