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========= NEW ITEMS & MOST RECENT LISTINGS as of 2/3/2016 ==========

RADIO EQUIPMENT FOR SALE:  posted 2/3/2016

RCI 2980 WX Ten Meter Tranceiver

Frequency Range 28.245 – 29.655MHz.

Emission Modes CW/FM/AM/SSB

Selling this tranceiver plus

Galaxy DX-2527 s/n T0Y01165
Pyramid Reg. Power Supply model PS-21KX
Libra 631 SWR/RF Power/Modulation s/n 631-10271
Palomar 250 no s/n
Power Base 300 no s/n
Table top microphone
2 mag mount vertical antennas 

I would like to get rid of the whole lot and am asking $500.00.


“Dave Sawyer” <n2vev@comcast.net>

Phone: 434-906-1458


FOR SALE                                        posted 1/26/2016

(1) Alpha Delta DX-CC multi-band 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter dipole (https://www.alphadeltacom.com/pg1.html), new in unopened original package, never used, $120

(1) Alpha Delta DELTA-4B coax switch and surge protector (https://www.alphadeltacom.com/pg3.html), new in unopened original package, never used, $120

(1) Alpha Delta DELTA-4B coax switch and surge protector (https://www.alphadeltacom.com/pg3.html), new (no packaging), never used, $100

contact MIKE@KQ9P.US


– FOR SALE:                    posted 12/09/2015

Hustler 4BTV 40-10M Vertical antenna – still in the box (New cost ~$160), and Hustler Tilt-Base bracket (New Cost ~$62). Can sell separately or as a package. Package Price: $175.

Alan Swinger K9MBQ; awswinger@earthlink.net. 434-975-6237.



For Sale:

10m 4 element Yagi by Finco on 18 foot square boom.  This is an excellent 10m antenna that I used for years and won many 10m contest while using.  It will need some of the steel bolts replaced but that’s all. $45.00

15M 3 element Yagi, Hy-Gain 153. Another excellent antenna, the original steel boom has been replaced with an aluminum one, again some steel parts, mainly bolts, will need replacing. This antenna was one of the first made as it was purchased in 1954 by W4HPR.   $45.00

20M 3 element Yagi, Hy-gain 203B in excellent condition.  This is the antenna we have used on past field days. $85.00

Contact Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044



posted 11/27/2015

For sale; all the parts to make a 5 band cubical quad. The aluminum central spyder,

more than enough 16 ga aluminum wire, new fiberglass spreader poles from Max Gain. 2:1

balun, clamps and parts to make the wire to spreader connection….plus complete wire

cutting dimensions and instructions from Lightening Bolt.


$300 for all;   I paid more than this for the fiberglass spreader poles.


For Free                   posted 11/26/2015

free to good home Cushcraft A3 20-15-10 Meter Beam will need trap and end caps but most if not all of the parts are included and in good condition”.   Come and get it….Marty W4MBW  434-547-9642  or W4MBW@ARRL.NET

or Trade for ???


posted 11/04/2015

For sale, gently used 1 Terabyte external hard drive, hard drive type with wall wart.. $25  contace w2pvy Joe at 973-9502


FOR SALE from AG4N, contact person email listed below
100 MHz Frequency Counter $25.00 K4DU With power cube and probe, powers up
VLF Converter $30.00 K4DU
Model 444 Microphone $30.00 K4DU Lacks Screen, 4 Pin female plug
Vibroplex Original Bug $75.00 K4DU From New York era, chrome base
3020 Sweep & Function Generator$85.00 K4CGY Excellent condition
Variac $20.00 K4CGY Excellent
IO-4550 Oscilloscope $75.00 K4CGY Works, Needs cleaning including pots, sweep intermittant, alignment
k4du at rep4@aol.com, n3us at eberkowwitz@sbcglobal.net, k4cgy at k4cgy@yahoo.com      – – -revised list 9/21/2015- – –


The following SWR/Power Watt meters are for sale from the W2HD Collection:
posted 7/9/2015 revised 11/10/2015

Swan SWR-3 Meter $20.00
AMD 76860 Meter Field Strength $25.00
Heathkit HM-15 Meter Reflective Power Meter $20.00
Heathkit AM-2 Meter SWR Meter $8.00
Kenwood SW-100 Meter SWR Power $65.00
Micronta 19-320 Meter SWR Power $20.00
Pace P5453 Meter SWR Power $8.00
Palomar M835 Meter SWR Power $75.00
Hy-Gain 421 Meter SWR Power Meter $10.00
Vanco SWR-2 Meter SWR Power Meter $15.00
Pyramid Phase III Meter SWR Wattmeter $5.00
Swan SWR-1 Meter SWR-Power Watt $10.00 In Box

If you wish to purchase one of these contact Bob Pattison, K4DU at rep4@aol.com or 434-960-3344. Please no calls after 9 pm. This is first come first served.
73 de K4DU

The following power supplies are FOR SALE from the collection of W2HD: posted 7/3/15 updated 11/10/2015
MFJ MFJ-1116 Power Strip $35.00
Alinco DM-112MVT Power Supply $100.00
Ten Tec Model 210 Power Supply $20.00
Astron RS-12A Power Supply $38.00
Micronta Power Supply 12 Volts $15.00

If you would like to purchase one of these please contact Bob Pattison, K4DU either
By email at rep4@aol.com or call 434-960-3344, please no calls after 9 pm.


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