Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

  • National Level: ARES National Headquarters (ARRL)
  • State level: ARES/RACES of Virginia
    • Section Emergency Cordinator (SEC): Ed Krom WD4KHP
  • District Level: District 3 = Northern Piedmont
    • Net: Northern Piedmont Emergency Net, Thursdays at 2000 local time, 145.470 MHz repeater, CTCSS 151.4
  • Albemarle County ARES/RACES
    • Emergency Coordinator (EC): Mike McPherson, KQ9P
  • Greene County ARES/RACES
    • EC: vacant
  • Fluvanna County ARES/RACES
    • EC: Manny Rodriquez K4MSR
    • Net: Fluvanna County Emergency Net, Mondays at 2000 local time, 145.170 MHz repeater, CTCSS 151.4
  • Buckingham/Cumberland/Nelson Counties ARES/RACES
    • Buckingham EC: Gordon Winn WW4GW
    • Acting Cumberland EC: Gordon Winn WW4GW
    • Acting Nelson EC: Gordon Winn WW4GW

List of area amateur radio clubs and repeater organizations

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Local Emergency Services


Citizen Corps

Citizen corps was launched after 9/11 attacks and provides training for the population to assist in disaster recovery and includes CERT, VIPS, MRC, FireCorps, and Neighborhood Watch.

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