Renew AARC Membership

Due to the excellent state of the club treasury and the continuing COV-19 pandemic, dues for all current 2020 members will be waived for 2021.
Furthermore, we also will offer free membership for 2021 to any former AARC members who used to be on our membership rolls, but who currently are not members due to lack of dues payments in 2020 or 2019. We will contact these former members via email and ask them if they wish to opt-in to this offer.
So the following does not apply for 2021 Dues:

To renew your AARC membership, mail a check for $20 (Individual Full) or $25 (Family) to:

Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 6833
Charlottesville, VA  22906

Those who do not renew by April 1 of the respective  year will be dropped from the club roster and email list.  If dues are paid late, the full amount of $20 is still due.

Or you can renew via PayPal:

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