Successful VE session

AARC held a successful VE session at PVCC on Saturday, 16 September.

Congratulations to Christopher Gillis, W6AFK, for passing his General test; and to Dudley White and Glenn Hanbury for passing their Technician tests.

Thanks to Joe Duquette, K1MOX; Bill Pond, N0WP; Dave Damon, K4DND; Bob Pattison, K4DU; and Jim Owen, K4CGY for serving as VEs.… Read the rest

Successful VE session on 15 July

AARC sponsored a successful VE session on Saturday, 15 July at PVCC. Congratulations to Joe Duquette (Amateur Extra), Ben Schrum (Technician), Chris Kiewra (Technician), Chris Nichols (Amateur Extra), Deanna Sackett (Technician), Evie Sackett (Technician), Jeff Dixon (Technician), Jay Thompson (Technician and General), and Finn Thompson (Technician).… Read the rest