UVA Cubesat ready for launch

https://news.virginia.edu/content/student-built-spacecraft-ready-launch has an article on the cubesat KQ9P has been helping prepare. The article doesn’t go much into the communictions side, but it does show the ground control station – covered in an earlier article (https://news.virginia.edu/content/just-houston-engineering-students-begin-work-satellite-ground-station) that features a photo of KQ9P.… Read the rest

Repeater update September 5 2018

Jeff Heavlin and I made a trip to Bucks Elbow this morning to address the linking of the 146.925 (Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital) and 146.895 (Bucks Elbow site). On August 29, we had done the first “phase” when we installed a newer link radio and moved the Fusion repeater from service as the 444.250 repeater to service as the new 146.925 repeater.… Read the rest

Heard Mt. trip video

If you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to get to a repeater site, this video is for you! Thanks to K4OLW and his dash-cam, we’ve got video of our trip to the 146.760 site on 6/27. There is no audio, and the entire video/trip is 20 minutes in length. … Read the rest