Successful VE session on Saturday, 23 March

AARC presented a successful VE session on Saturday, 23 March 2024.

Thanks to the following, who served as VEs:
Dave Damon K4DND
Bob Pattison K4DU
Dave Krovetz KY4IE
Bill Pond N0WP
Jim Owen K4CGY

Congratulations to the following successful test takers:
Debbie Fordham KB4WPE – General
John Washington -General
Joe DiGirolamo – Technician
Robert Bean – Technician
Beverly Bean – Technician
Larry Broach – Technician
Pamela Yursik – Technician
Tom Cotton – Technician
Heather Perry – Technician
John Doss – Technician
Jim Tocci – Technician

Thanks also to Ken Welborn and PVCC for, once again, providing us with a place for the exams.

Hank Perritt
AARC VE liaison to the ARRL