Joe’s Book

Cover image of Joe's BookHere is the book Bob K4DU held up at the picnic, the self-published memoirs of our our own blind ham Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY. You can buy it at iUniverse or Amazon Amazon; but you might check with Joe first about the best place to buy it; he might have copies locally or prefer exposure on one site or another and the authors cut may vary depending on source. His email is in the club membership directory. Readers, visually impaired or not, who prefer the theoretically more accessible and cheaper electronic edition over the dead tree edition should take note of the fact that Amazon appears to make it available in Kindle format only while iUniverse offers PDF, ePub, and Mobi. Note that all 4 of these formats can be encumbered by DRM which can substantially affect your ability to use the files now and in the future and these retailers do not properly disclose the presence of DRM; check with Joe for DRM status.

Published 2010, updated 2013, 332 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-45026-212-5, 978-1-45026-212-8

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