Winlink Wednesday

Last summer, Greg KW6GB brought to Virginia an idea he picked up from a friend in Wisconsin: a weekly Winlink “net”.  Here in Virginia it’s referred to as Winlink Wednesday.  Winlink Wednesday provides a regular opportunity to test our hardware and software configurations, and to practice our skills in using the Winlink radio email system (  … Read the rest

AARC Field Day 2015, 27-28 June 2015

Another Field Day is in the record books!

Lot’s of detailed reports will come along later, but for now…
W4DO Contact MapW4DO Contacts per Hour

In addition to 2400+ operating points (Power Multiplier of 2), we earned 1400+ bonus points for Emergency Power, Media Publicity, Public Location, Public Information Table, Message Origination to Section Manager, Message Handling, Satellite QSO, Alternate Power, W1AW Bulletin, Educational Activity, Site Visitation by an elected governmental official, Site Visitation by a representative of an agency, GOTA Station, Web submission, and Youth Participation.… Read the rest

W4UVA and the ARRL School Club Roundup, 9-13 February 2015

I plan to put W4UVA on the air for the February 2015 ARRL School Club Roundup, the twice-annual operating event for K-12 and college amateur radio clubs. I have to work around my day job, so I will plan to be at the W4UVA shack in the Old Reactor Building on Observatory Hill at 675 Old Reservoir Road, Charlottesville, VA 22904 ( on the following schedule:

Monday, 9 Feb 20158-10am3-5pm
Tuesday, 10 Feb 20153-5pm
Wednesday, 11 Feb 20158-10am
Thursday, 12 Feb 20158-10am3-5pm
Friday, 13 Feb 20158-10am3-5pm

You don’t need to be a licensed amateur radio operator to participate.… Read the rest

Possible single-board computer workshop

Thanks to all 29 people who responded to the survey! The survey results are available at:

There is plenty of interest to warrant a workshop, so planning is in full gear. Bill AD6JV, Bill K4IB, Bill N0WP, and Dave K4DND (but we’ll call him Bill just to avoid confusion) have all agreed to assist me in coaching and problem-solving during the session.… Read the rest