Curious about Spear’s Mountain?

Summit of spears mountain
Spears Mountain Underground bunker site and Troposcatter reflectors
Photo credit: USGS Gladstone 7.5min quad 2013 USTopo GeoPDF

If you ever wondered about Spear’s Mountain in Buckingham County, or Peter’s Mountain in Albemarle County, you will definitely be interested in the following.

Recently, Lynchburg’s Channel 13 aired a report on the Buckingham site, featuring our esteemed colleague Gordon Winn WW4GW, as well as the current property owner Steve Rann. If you look into the background during part of the interview, you will see the WW4GW repeater antennas and wind generator.

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a 40K square foot underground nuclear hardened bunker complex? Check out

Many great photos of the installation can be found at

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