WOW Triathlon PS Event

While one might think this is a WOW triathlon, it is actually the Wisdom Oak Winery event scheduled for Saturday, August 26.  This takes place from Walnut Creek Park in the southern section of Albemarle County and consists of a Sprint and Olympic Triathlons.… Read the rest

Upcoming PS Opportunities

July brings the AARC two Public Service events and two opportunities to get some valuable experience operating in the field, doing real time communicating to assist event participants.  First, on Sunday, July 9th, the Jefferson Sprint Triathlon will once again take place from Crozet Park in greater downtown Metropolitan Crozet.  … Read the rest


The May 6 Daily Progress has an obituary for Gunther A “Dutch” Vogt, former Mayor of Charlottesville.  In addition to many interests he held the call sign N4EGM.  Some of you old time Charlottesvillians may remember the Dutch Vogt’s Ovenaire facility when it was located in Charlottesville. … Read the rest

2017 AARC Public Service Events

The 2017 calendar for AARC PS events is already showing dates to reserve.  The Jefferson Cup Bike Races will take place on Sunday, April 2 and may be the 28th year of AARC support for this event.  The Miller School Bike Races cancelled in 2016 are back on the calendar for Sunday, July 16.… Read the rest

Morris Jones NM4R

September 22, Morris Jones NM4R became a silent key.  Old timers will remember the many contributions that Morris made to the local ham radio community.  Morris was a NCS on the Virginia Late Net every Wednesday for over 40 years, in addition to serving as the NCS of the Northern Piedmont Emergency Net for many years.  … Read the rest

Upcoming Public Service Events

AARC has three more PS events for 2016.  Two of these are Triathlons and the third is the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge.  Triathlons are really fun and quick, starting off with the swimming segment.  From the water (pool or lake) the athletes go into a transition area where they put on cycling shoes and helmets, and proceed to the starting line for the bike segment. … Read the rest

Miller School Bike Race Cancelled

The Miller School Bike Race on Sunday, June 5 has been cancelled.  A schedule conflict with the ACPD Motor Unit meant there would not be ACPD participation.  Consequently, the race organizer looked to reschedule, but other races on the mid-Atlantic area calendar made this impossible.… Read the rest