Joe Fritz KD4RWX SK

I just received an email from David Fritz, Joe’s son, with word of Joe’s passing. I include David’s email and the link to Joe’s obituary. Some of you will recall how involved Joe was with the AARC over many years. He single-handedly organized the membership database and that was published as the AARC club directory and reissued annually to the membership. It was a very valuable document, incidentally, I still have a copy of it on my desk. He also took responsibility for the monthly club newsletter which in those days required writing, proofing, printing, copying, and mailing to the membership. His contributions were many, and the AARC was always much better for his efforts.

My name is David Fritz, and I am Joseph Fritz’s son. I obtained your email addresses off of Dad’s computer, because Dad seemed to have been involved in several different online communities, organizations, and groups. I am sorry to have to tell you that Dad has passed away. He had been in poor health, and living in a nursing home for the past couple of years, and for much of that time did not have good access to a computer. He passed away quietly on May 5 in Kennett, MO, and was buried next to his wife in Topeka, KS, in a small private graveside service.

Here’s a link to his obituary.