Upcoming Public Service Events

AARC has two more PS events for 2016.  The next event on Saturday August 27 is the Wisdom Oak Winery Triathlon.  This event is held at Walnut Creek Park, south of Charlottesville.  Just like the Jefferson Sprint, this is fast paced. so you don’t need to commit more than the morning of the 27th.  Triathletes start with the swim in the lake, transition to the bike leg, and finish with the run.  Triathletes compete either as an individual that completes all three legs, or as a team, where 2 or 3 triathletes compete in their strong event.

The last Public Service Activity of 2016 is the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge scheduled for Sunday, September 18.  Again, Cycling Challenge runs out of the Old Trail Swim Center in Crozet. Look for a great BBQ lunch and music at the finish.

All AARC PS events are listed on the AARC calendar.   Please check your personal calendars and make sure you get on the roster for all these remaining events.  You get on the roster for each event by sending email to k4dnd@arrl.net and getting an acknowledgement back by email.  Those on the roster will get further information and assignments by email.  I look forward to seeing you at one or hopefully both of these remaining events.