AARC Mentoring Program

This post introduces the Mentor program for AARC members. The objective is to assist new and less experienced Hams to learn more about Ham with an emphasis on HF operation and the associated fun of making contacts beyond the local area. Also, we hope to help members learn about Ham Radio equipment, antennas and operation by these Hands-On visits.

The approach will be for a number of experienced HAM Club members with substantial stations to host interested members in small groups for informal familiarization visits not to exceed 2 hours. Hosts and others assisting will discuss Antennas, equipment and hookup design/ mechanics/methods, and operating procedures/modes  .   . . and include on-air demonstrations.  We will attempt to answer all questions and assist attendees to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about our great hobby!! Visits will be arranged on dates/times convenient for hosts and members.

Host Stations will be Ed (N3US – Earlysville), Jim (K4CGY – Blenheim), and Alan (K9MBQ – Blandemar Farms – near Ivy & N Garden).

Also, we will conduct Birds of a Feather at monthly meetings specifically involving
a mentor and a topic of particular interest to our less-experienced members.

Please contact Alan, K9MBQ contact if you would like to participate in this program:  awswinger@earthlink.net; 434-975-6237.  Please indicate your preferred time/date and which host station  you would like to visit.