Subject: Summary of Field Day 2016 by K4JZQ

As Field Day chair I want to thank each and every member who participated in our 2016 Field Day event.  From set up, to operations, to tear down the job seemed to go fairly smoothly, thanks to everybody pitching in and helping one another. I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you for that cooperation.  It is and must remain a total team effort for which we all contribute in our own ways.

I. Thanks.  The following organizations aided in the success of our Field Day event.  When and if you have the opportunity to utilize the following firms, please let them know that we appreciated their in kind support and food contributions to our weekend event.  Without them we would have had a much more difficult and expensive weekend.  In addition to this notice, our president Ed Berkowitz,  signed a personal letter of thanks to each and every organization who supported us during the Field Day weekend.

Wayside Chicken


Keith Ford, Owner

Cavalier Septic Service


Rosemary Postale, Owner

Panera Bread, Barracks Road


Scott Smith, Mgr

Bodo’s Bagel

505 Preston Avenue


Jennifer DiNanno, Mgr.

The Fresh Market

100 Albemarle Square


Merv Lingle, Mgr


1520 Seminole Trail


Adam Rose, Mgr

Trader Joe’s Market


Raymond James, Owner

ABC Extinguishers, LLC


Tom Hanson, Director

Emergency Communication Center


Emily Brown, General Mgr

Regal Stonefield 14 Movie theaters

II. Statistics:


In comparing 2016 to 2015, we find the following:

Bonus points        1,390 in 2015     1,210 in 2016

CW contacts            371 in 2015        300 in 2016

Phone contacts        532 in 2015        504 in 2016

Claimed Score       2,548 in 2015       2,208 in 2016

My thanks also to Jim Owen, K4CGY who did the final compilation of data on our Field Day and submitted it electronically to ARRL today. Final results/figures will be published in QST magazine in either November or December’s 2016 issue and only then will we know how we compared to other F stations around the U.S. and Canada. At first blush, the result is disappointing.

III.  Why the decline? Was it from……….

Lost bonus points by not having a govt official visit

Did not have an educational seminar for members on site as in 2015

Poor propagation (most probably a big factor)

No digital mode?

IV. Join the FD Committee:  Obviously we need to do an after action analysis of Field Day and see where we can improve to better our scores?  We are always seeking volunteers for Field Day so if you would like to get on the Field Day Committee and help us work towards an even better 2017 result, you are most welcome.

Feel free to contact me directly at <> if you would like to join the FD Committee. Also if you are interested in becoming FD Chair for 2017, you are most welcome to volunteer for the job.


Larry K4JZQ  FD Chair