Upcoming Public Service Events

AARC has three more PS events for 2016.  Two of these are Triathlons and the third is the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge.  Triathlons are really fun and quick, starting off with the swimming segment.  From the water (pool or lake) the athletes go into a transition area where they put on cycling shoes and helmets, and proceed to the starting line for the bike segment.  Bikers return to the transition area where they change into running shoes and take off on the run segment.  These events start early and end quickly, we should have everything wrapped up by noon at the latest.  The Boys and Girls Cycling Challenge is the event of the year for our own Shannon Tevendale KJ4VJR.  Shannon is the event coordinator for the B&G Club and it is especially important that we support Shannon’s event in large numbers.

The first event coming up is the Jefferson Sprint Triathlon on July 16, that has been traditionally held at the Fry Springs Swim Club.  However, this year for the first time it will be held in Crozet, so we all have something to learn from this change of venue.  The second Tri event is the Wisdom Oak Winery Triathlon, Saturday August 27.  Again, this event is held at Walnut Creek Park, south of Charlottesville.

The Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge is scheduled for Sunday, September 18 and will again run out of the Old Trail Swim Center in Crozet.  This event has great BBQ and music at the finish, and shame on you if you miss it.

All AARC PS events are listed on the AARC calendar.   Please check your personal calendars and make sure you get on the roster for all these remaining events.  You get on the roster for each event by sending email to mailto:k4dnd@arrl.net and getting an ack back.