Do you remember?

I just received an email from a former youth member of AARC and am posting it here so that any of you that knew Brian can get in touch.

Brian Meadowcroft KJ4SYJ (former KF4FRP)
vmi2uscg at yahoo dot com


I hope all is well in Charlottesville? The clubs web page looks good, and y’all sound pretty active.

I just wanted to thank you and the club for getting me started in radio 20 years ago. A few things have changed, but I’m back into ham radio and have just passed my Extra test! My Coast Guard unit in Southeast Texas, has assigned me to the Communications Unit Team Leader, partially due to my radio knowledge.

I had no idea what I’d be getting into and learning when I took my class and tests with Greg, N4PGS, back then. The hobby has taken me a long way and really helped provide me a good foothold in college!

If you wouldn’t mind forwarding this on to a few of the guys that were active back in the late 90’s, I’d appreciate it.

Maybe I’ll find you while calling CQ sometime!


Brian, KJ4SYJ

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