Video: “road” to Marshal Manor repeater shack. +Photos

Don’t forget to reprogram your radios. See separate headline.

Part 2: This is the last part of the journey to the repeater shack. This is the Safari part of the journey. It does not include the drive to the winery or the drive through the winery which includes some rough and steep but traveled roads. This video starts just as we resume travel after closing the last gate. The site is located on “marshal manor” south-southeast of charlottesville which is actually the back side of the Carter Mountain Ridge but it is not on the portion where the commercial antenna farm and apple orchards are and what locals think of when you say Carter Mountain and is reached by a different route. “Marshal Manor” is actually a subdivision on the west side of the ridge (we are approaching from the west side) though in this video we will basically be travelling north along the ridge. We waited weeks after a rainy spell for this road to be considered passable even with a 4×4 truck with high clearance.


Part 1: This is the first part of the road to the AARC Marshal Manor repeater site. This is the part that starts at the Trump Winery office and goes through the winery and up to the ridge. These roads are travelled and start with improved roads but get pretty rough as you go up. From about 4:40 you will want to skip ahead to 7:10 as we idle for a couple minutes to switch into 4 wheel drive and pick up tools.

Photos have been uploaded, as well:

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