The May 2013 Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt Transmitter (exterior view)We should be scheduling a new fox hunt soon. But not enough was written about the last fox hunt. Here is a picture of the Fox Hunt transmitter used in our May 2013 fox hunt. A fox hunt is a nickname for a ham radio hidden transmitter hunt.

Fox HuntersCrew from our first fox hunt (in a long time) in May 2013, left to right:

  • Mike Gilmore K8RVR
  • Dan Milner KJ4YHE
  • Mike Eliot K4WDV
  • Mike McPherson KQ9P (Fox supervisor, not hunter)
  • Mark Whitis AK4OL (2nd place)
  • Colt Mazeau (not ham) (2nd place)
  • Rick Oliver, W3KDR
  • Al Bogden (KF4AGT)
  • Paul McKee AK4OH?

The fox was sitting on the tricycle where KQ9P’s foot was.
The fox was built by Paul McKee AK4OH.

Fox Hunt Transmitter (interior view)Parts:

April 2013 Tape Measure Yagi Antenna Build Party:
Antenna Build Party

  • Jim Wilson K4BAV
  • Mark Whitis AK4OL
  • Mike Elliot K4WDV
  • Linda Beard KI5LLB
  • Mike Gilmore K8RVR
  • Not Shown: Roland Beard KK4EDU

Previous article on fox hunt build party

Photos by Mark Whitis AK4OL, CC-BY-3.0-US

AK4OL fox hunt bearings, plotted:
Plot of May 2013 fox hunt readings
I recommend you enlarge this image (try starting with right click, view image).
You will notice that the arrows tend not to point towards the fox. Magnetic declination has not been adjusted for but worse we are getting bad reflections or side lobes.

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