AARC 50th Anniversary Picnic and Silent Auction 2013-09-10 5:30PM EDT

Bill N0WP grill master
Bill N0WP as Grill Master
2012 picnic
Photo Credit: KA4JJD

K4JEC writes: Just a gentle reminder that time is running out to make your reservation for the club’s annual picnic and silent auction – new location offering new scenery. Please help us out by sending your reservation to Don N4UVA. He needs to know who much food and drink will be required to satisfy all the hearty appetites.

In lieu of the normal monthly meeting, we will be having our annual picnic and silent auction.
The location this year will be the Elks Lodge Shelter. I assume this will be the picnic shelter adjacent to the Elk’s lodge on 389 Elk Drive where we have held our annual dinner banquet, NOT the lodge on 2nd Street downtown. Also note that it will not be held at Darden Towe park, as it has been in years past, though the primary route to darden towe park seems to be the one that takes you past the Elk’s lodge.

Jim Owen K4CGY and estate sale table of radios
K4CJY and Estate Sale Items
2012 Picnic
Photo Credit: KA4JJD
Silent Auction
Bob KE4AQD views Silent Auction Items
2012 Picnic
Photo Credit: KA4JJD
Picnic Crowd Picture
Picture of Crowd
2012 Picnic
Photo Credit: KT4UO

latitude/longitude: 38.038639, -78.449844
Note that using those coordinates, mapping software may stop at the nearest point on route 20 rather than taking you to the driveway. Use 38.039935, -78.450839 or this google maps link for the elks lodge itself for directions:
Google maps

Arrival time: 5:30PM
Food Served: 6:00PM

Take the 250 bypass east across the Free Bridge, then turn left onto route 20 (aka Stony Point Road), then turn left onto elk’s drive, and take the next left into the elk’s lodge complex. The picnic shelter appears to be between the Elks lodge and Route 20, so go to the far end of the parking lot.

NVUVA: “The club will be providing meat and drinks and members are asked to bring a side dish if they desire.”

Don Eason, Jr. – N4UVA requests that you RSVP to him with the number of people and what food you are bringing. Email is in the club roster or on the club officers page

The Picnic will feature a Silent Auction. Bring your surplus radio gear and/or money to buy gear. A Silent auction form, courtesy of Jim Crosby K4JEC, is attached for you to print out. We don’t have a local hamfest and the silent auction is the closest thing we have to a hamfest flea-market.

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