Breakfast Bunch Saturday 2013-08-17 Cavalier Diner.

Image of Cavalier Diner, Charlottesville
Photo: AK4OL. CC-BY-3.0-US
KQ9P says:

We’ll have a shortage of Mikes at next Saturday’s breakfast. As the last Mike standing, I have been authorized by the Council of Mikes to convene breakfast on Saturday, 17 August 2013. I’m going to exercise the privileges of the Control Mike and choose the location: Cav Diner (, 1403 N Emmet, Charlottesville). I will be there sometime between
7 and 7:15am. They know we are coming (I’m having breakfast there as I type this…). If you beat me there tell them you are with the ham radio group. Turns out that one of the owners is an Italian ham, so we should get a warm welcome!

We’ll talk radio in general, fox hunting in particular, satellites probably, antennas (duh!), and whatever else comes up. This is a social event, so we’ll probably also talk about our leaky basements, long-suffering spouses, children, pets, and whatever else goes on in the tiny fraction of our brains not devoted to amateur radio. As usual, I will have my adorable (to me, anyway) granddaughter with me. She would love some playmates, so bring the kids if you can drag them out of bed that early.

Geocoding by AK4OL:
Lattitude/Longitude: 38.055986, -78.496832
UTM: 719621.2111 4214985.181 17
Google Maps

Diagonally across the intersection from the Emmet Street Bodo’s.

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