NPEN Frequency List

FrequencyOffsetToneEmergency PowerOther
 52.5250simplex National Simplex Calling Frequency  
 144.3900simplex APRS  
 145.7300simplex VA Section Packet Radio  
 146.5200simplex National Simplex Calling Frequency  
 146.5250simplex National Fox Hunt Frequency/Voice simplex  
 146.5500simplex AARC 2M Simplex  
 146.5800simplex Greene County Simplex  
 147.5400simplex AARC 2M Simplex  
 145.1700minus151.4W4FCO – Fluvanna Countygenerator 
 145.4500minus151.4K4DND – Martha Jefferson Hospitalemergency power 
 146.7300minus151.4K4DND – Carter’s Mtbattery and generatorIRLP Node #4703
 146.7600minus151.4WA4TFZ – Marshall Manorbattery onlynet mode links to 444.000
 146.7900minus110.4WW4GW – Spear’s Mtsolar and windCVRA link system
 146.8800minus74.4W4RAT – Richmondemergency power 
 146.8950minus151.4WA4TFZ – Bucks Elbowgenerator only 
 146.9250minus151.4WA4TFZ – Heard’s Mtbattery only 
 147.0750plusnoneW4PNT – Bear Denbattery only 
 147.1200plus146.2W4CUL – Orange County? 
 147.3000plusnoneKI4ZR – Rockbridge Countyemergency power 
 147.3300plusnoneWA4TSC – Bluemont?NWS Sterling Skywarn

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 224.7600minus151.4WA4TFZ – Buck’s Elbowgenerator only 
 162.4500RX only KZZ28 – NWS audio feed from Sterling
 440.7500plus151.4KF4UCI/Pbatteryfor portable temporary, emergency or experimental use
 440.8000plus151.4K4DND/Pbatteryfor portable temporary, emergency or experimental use
 442.0750plus151.4KF4UCI – Carter’s Mtbattery and generatorCVRA link system
 443.9000plus151.4KF4UCI – Snow Mt? 
 444.0000plus151.4WA4TFZ – Marshall Manor net mode links to 146.760
 444.2500plus151.4WA4TFZ – Martha Jefferson Hospitalemergency powerfrequency agile 2M remote base
 444.5500plus136.2K4CQ – Wintergreen? 
 444.7750plus151.4KF4UCI – Bear Den?CVRA link system
 446.0000simplex National Simplex Calling Frequency  
 446.0100simplex100  AARC X-band UHF simplex
 446.0500simplex100  AARC X-band UHF simplex
 446.1500simplex100  AARC X-band UHF simplex
 446.2000simplex100  AARC X-band UHF simplex
 446.2500simplex100  AARC X-band UHF simplex
 3.5785  ODEN – C Old Dominion Emergency Net – Charlie (CW)
 3.5785  ODEN – D Old Dominion Emergency Net – Delta (Digital)
 3.9470  ODEN – A Old Dominion Emergency Net – Alpha (Phone)
 7.2430  ODEN – B Old Dominion Emergency Net – Bravo (Phone)
 14.3000  Maritime Mobile Net  
 14.3250  Hurricane Watch Net  
      File Received 2013-06-29 by AK4OL from K4DND
      Minor Alterations by AK4OL

This list was compiled by K4DND based in part on submissions from participants in the last two thursday night sessions of the Northern Piedmont Emergency Net.

The packet frequency listed belongs to the Virginia Digital Emergency Net:

AC6V has a list of national simplex and calling frequencies: has rather detailed lists of frequencies allocated for various purposes.

Entries listed as X-band are the control link (HT) end of cross-band repeat where you use your HT on 70cm to activate your mobile/base radio on 2m.

Note: While I haven’t edited in any new frequencies listed here, I have uploaded the file I have been using. Originally programmed into my Yaesu VX-7R in 2003, it was updated in 2012 when I got my Baofeng UV-3R and has had some minor updates since. Memory 1 “000CVL” is a marker for the start of Charlottesville frequencies (also includes standard simplex fequencies). Memory 123 “NONHAM” marks some non-ham frequencies. Some Police and fire frequencies are defunct as they are using an 800Mhz P.25 digital system now. TV stations have been deleted since they no longer transmit FM audio. The VX-7R receives from about 1-999Mhz so I included CB, WWV, Personal Locator Beacons, etc. FRS was included in another version but not this one. Scanning is generally disabled on frequencies without CTCSS. Note that there is generally not a way to program a memory to be receive only so be careful not to transmit on unauthorized frequencies.

I have also attached a file that was modified for someone who lived over in the Harrisonburg/valley area.

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