Field Day clippings from 15 different years of Beacon Back Issues

Sample page from beacon with pictures from Field Day 2003 including Joe W2PVY, W2EIU, W4BZW,K4DU, and the tents

48 Pages from 15 different years, 21.7MB download:

Some pages appear half size due to mixing from different pdf resolutions. Zoom as needed.

Many pages are marked with year and month, but some are not. Here was the list of files (filename is year and month) and page numbers.

199407.pdf 1-2
199507.pdf 1-2 (flood info)
199607.pdf 1
1997 mentioned but no coverage
199807.pdf 4-5
199907.pdf 2
200007.pdf 5-6
200107.pdf no coverage
200207.pdf issue missing but contained info
200208.pdf 4
200307.pdf 1 3-4 6
200308.pdf 6

200407.pdf 3-8
200707.pdf 4-6
200807.pdf 4 no field day “Jay also expressed
disappointment that the club is not participating in
Field Day this year, which was echoed by several
other BoD members. ”
200907.pdf 1-2 5-10
201007.pdf 1-2 5
201107.pdf 1-7
201208.pdf 2-5

TECHNICAL DETAILS of file creation:

pdftk A=199407.pdf B=199507.pdf C=199607.pdf D=199807.pdf E=199907.pdf F=200007.pdf G=200208.pdf H=200307.pdf I=200308.pdf J=200407.pdf K=200707.pdf L=200807.pdf M=200907.pdf N=201007.pdf O=201107.pdf P=201208.pdf cat A1-2 B1-2 C1 D4-5 E2 F5-6 G4 H1 H3-4 H6 I6 J3-8 K4-6 L4 M1-2 M5-10 N1-2 N5 O1-7 P2-5 output fieldday_clips.pdf
pdftk fieldday_clips.pdf cat 13 output sample_page.pdf
convert -resize 480x660 sample_page.pdf fieldday_samplepage.jpg

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