AARC Volunteer Examiners

Harry W2HD, does a great job encouraging and recruiting AARC members to become ARRL Accredited Volunteer Examiners. I recently heard him nudging (well maybe nudging isn’t the right description) another to join the ranks. The fact is that the AARC has a great group of VE’s who have collectively participated in a large number of VE sessions over the years. I just updated my list of VE’s and this time included those listed as active by the ARRL, who have been former members of AARC but have moved on to other locations and other radio clubs.

For the entire list of 33 VE’s, 23 of whom are current AARC members, see the attached pdf. Let me join W2HD in encouraging you to become an ARRL Volunteer Examiner and add your name and callsign to the list.

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