AARC Final VE Session of 2011

Saturday, November 12 saw a great turnout of AARC VEs and potential licensees and upgrades. Many thanks to Mark WA1A, the AARC VE Liaison and the following VEs. Bill AD6JV, Bill N0WP, Bill K4IB, Linda KI5LLB, Dave K4DND, Terry KT4UO, Harry W2HD, Alan K9MBQ, Don K4UVA, Will KJ4XZ, and Jim K4CGY.
With such a turnout of VEs, one wonders what someone thought who came into the room to be tested. In fact there were 11 people that showed up for licensing or upgrading taking a total of 17 elements. Six people received CSCEEs for new license grants, and 4 received upgrades.
Interestingly, 2 of the new licensees came in with no license, and walked out ready to receive their Amateur Extra class license. Another went from no license to General, while a fourth went from his current Technician license to Amateur Extra at this session.
Also thanks to the team who put on the Amateur Extra classes under the direction of Bill AD6JV. Other course instructors were Dennis K4THE, Alan K9MBQ, Will KJ4XZ and George AA4D.
Great work by all, and congratulations to all new hams and all upgraded hams.

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