Eventbrite - AARC Technician Class License Exam Prep Class

Amateur Radio is a rewarding activity enjoyed by people all over the world. Amateur radio operators or “Hams” enjoy the privilege of experimenting with and using a wide range of radio frequencies suitable for local or worldwide communication. Ham radio operators communicate as a hobby and also as a public service, when other means of communication are unavailable or disrupted.… Read the rest

Quick repeater update, October 2017

Today, on October 4, 2017, Jeff, K4OLW generously gave me a day of his time for a trip to the Heards Mountain site. The main purpose of the visit was to install the new 220 antenna on the second pole at the site, and to install the relocated 224.760 repeater and duplexers, etc., as well.… Read the rest

Brief Repeater update September 2017

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I made a post here, but I did want to let everyone know what we’ve recently done.  On Wednesday, September 27, Jeff, K4OLW and myself made a trip to the 146.895 site at Bucks Elbow, West of Crozet, primarily to make some audio improvements to the link, focused on audio entering at 146.925 and leaving at 146.895.  … Read the rest

WOW Triathlon PS Event

While one might think this is a WOW triathlon, it is actually the Wisdom Oak Winery event scheduled for Saturday, August 26.  This takes place from Walnut Creek Park in the southern section of Albemarle County and consists of a Sprint and Olympic Triathlons.… Read the rest

Upcoming Speakers at AARC 2017 Meetings

by Larry Eicher, Vice President, K4JZQ.

January 10, 2017 Travis Koshko, W3TJK, Weather and its effect on Communications

February 14, 2017  Rob Capon W3DX, Reverse Beacon Network

March 21, 2017 Alfred Wanderlingh of Batteries Plus Bulbs. Talk on Batteries

April 11, 2017 Mike McPherson KQ9P An Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station at UVA

May 9, 2017 Bob Pattison K4DU – Overview of Field Day Plans

June 13, 2017 Dave Damon K4DND & Dennis Terrible WR4I – 2 short presentations, Dennis to focus on CW operations at FD

July 11, 2017 Bruce McAllister W4BRU Richmond Maker Fest Info

August 8, 2017 Bob Romanko, AK4BR – Lightning Protection for your Shack

September 10, 2017    Picnic at Darden Towe Park

October 10, 2017 Deputy Chief Chan Bryant Albemarle Sheriff’s Office, Topic TBD

November 14, 2017  Cole Fairchild on BACON Weather Balloon Project Report

December Awards Dinner – Dec 12, 2017 Venue TBD… Read the rest