Update on the 895 Repeater

Here is a report from Dave Damon (K4DND) regarding the status of the 146.895 repeater.

“The AARC 895 repeater has been put back into service on a temporary basis.   We do not yet have permission to make the move to the new tower.  Since it would require a certified tower climber to replace the damaged antenna on the old tower this did not seem like a good use of AARC money as the club will have to turn around and pay an approved installer to mount antennas on the new tower when we are able to make that move.

Mike KQ9P was able to get permission for us to put up a temporary antenna next to the shack where the repeater is located, but with a limitation on its height.  Nevertheless, this seemed like a reasonable compromise to get the repeater back on the air.  So Bill N0WP and I made the trip up to the repeater site last weekend to get the 895 repeater back on the air.

This antenna provides a reasonable path to and from Martha Jefferson on the UHF link frequency, so the 895 is working fairly well re-transmitting 925 activity.  Unfortunately, it is currently not hearing too well based on a few test locations around Albemarle County.  Bill and I have another trip in the offing to make some adjustments which we anticipate will improve performance from this temporary antenna location.

Any reports would be very much appreciated, as you will be giving us valuable information about changes that can be made on the next visit.

Photo courtesy of N0WP.”