Winlink Wednesday

Last summer, Greg KW6GB brought to Virginia an idea he picked up from a friend in Wisconsin: a weekly Winlink “net”.  Here in Virginia it’s referred to as Winlink Wednesday.  Winlink Wednesday provides a regular opportunity to test our hardware and software configurations, and to practice our skills in using the Winlink radio email system (  Announcements and reminders go out to past participants via Winlink and via the ARES®/RACES of VA Facebook page at  Any licensed amateur capable of sending and receiving Winlink radio email via VHF or HF is welcome to participate.  A copy of a recent reminder email is included at the end of this posting.

W4UVA (, the Amateur Radio Club at the University of Virginia, operates a Winlink VHF gateway (W4UVA-10) on 145.510 MHz on Observatory Hill in Charlottesville.  This public gateway is available 24/7/365 for ARES®/RACES and any other legitimate amateur radio use.  Coverage is quite good around Central Virginia.  You can use the W4UVA-10 VHF gateway, another VHF or UHF gateway, or one of the many HF gateways to participate in Winlink Wednesdays.  The Winlink Web site has maps and lists of all of the gateways available for use.

Please consider joining in the fun and adding Winlink, an important part of our ARES®/RACES response capability, to your amateur radio toolkit.  It’s easy to do, and if you are already set up for digital modes you have all the hardware you need.

Mike KQ9P

From: KW6GB
Subject: Winlink Wednesday Reminder

*** Winlink Wednesday ***

P2P SESSIONS: Morning P2P session will start on 80 meters: ~0730-0930L, 3590 kHz (dial, USB), but may need to move to 40 meters at some point; the afternoon/evening session will start on 40m, then move to 80m after dark. Details to be posted on Facebook when active.

WHO: All amateur radio operators located in Virginia.
WHEN: Anytime on Wednesday, 28 December 2016
HOW: This net will accept check-ins via Winlink only. Please do not use a telnet connection (which defeats the purpose of Winlink).

Please remember to use the correct format for check-in, as shown below (check-in message on a SINGLE LINE), over a VHF or HF connection:

Subject: //WL2K VA ARES/RACES Winlink Net Check-In
call sign, first name, city or town, county, state

All check-ins will be acknowledged, and a complete list of check-ins will be sent via Winlink to all participants.

Avoid message rejection by following the format example below and limit the requested information to a SINGLE LINE OF TEXT, as in:

KW6GB, Greg, Front Royal, Warren, VA

Thank you for your cooperation.