AARC Participation in Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faire

On Sunday, November 6, 2016, the AARC once again demonstrated Ham Radio at the Barnes and Noble Mini-Maker Faire. Club participants at the Faire were Rick Oliver, W3KDR; Ed Berkowitz, N3US; Alan Swinger, K9MBQ; Michael Rein, KA4JJD; Jim Wilson, K4BAV; and Mike McPherson, KQ9P. Supporting our efforts to demonstrate VHF contacts were Larry Eicher, K4JZQ; Bill Philips, AD6JV; and Ron Richey, K4RKA, who made sure we always completed QSOs.

Our presentation included a Morse code demonstration staffed by the appropriately costumed K4BAV, which attracted large numbers of kids, who were delighted to send their names in code. KA4JJD presented a display of introductory kit building and introductory Arduino programming. K9MBQ presented on DXing, including some very colorful and rare QSL cards, which brought “ooooh”s from our visitors. KQ9P demonstrated the integration of mini-VHF radios into drones, which will enhance our participation in public service events by tracking cyclists from the air. N3US presented the ARRL DIY short video and discussed the range of ways to participate in amateur radio. The on-air contacts, made possible by KQ9P’s crossband system, were plagued by a mysterious and highly variable interference to reception inside the store. KA4JJD handled the radio inside and noted that the “noise” made for a fun test of the ability of five young people and, one hopes, future hams to hear signals through interference.

Rick, W3KDR, spearheaded our efforts in this event. See below photos.

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