Establishment of AARC Antenna Team

Our new AARC Antenna Team will assist club members with antenna installations, antenna repairs, changing coax cable, or other issues.

We will not replace professional tower installers. Most of our efforts will be related to vertical antennas or wire antennas, such as dipoles. There may, however, be some instances in which a few team members are capable and willing to do minor tower work, such as hanging a dipole center insulator or changing out a rotor. Safety will be our number-one priority.

Initial team members include: Ed Berkowitz, N3US; Bill Phillips AD6JV; Darryl Youngblood, KE4HTS; Joshua Youngblood, KM4ICH; Bob Pattision, K4DU; Mike Gilmore, K8RVR; Larry Eicher, K4JZQ; AJ Miller, KE4AJM; Jim Owen, K4CGY.

If you require any assistance with your antenna projects, please contact either N3US or K4JZQ.

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