If you are interested in expanding your digital capabilities, consider downloading EasyPal.  This fairly robust method of transmitting images uses DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) protocols.  Specific details of the DRM implementation in EasyPal are either lacking or very cleverly hidden.  If anyone comes up with a cogent explanation of the inner workings, please feel free to share with the rest of us.

The software can be downloaded from a number of sites, you might try:






The latest version of the software is labeled 07 Oct/2014.  The software installs with a basic set of menu items, you can deselect the basic set as you have the need for more complexity.  Go to the “Setup” menu item and enter your callsign, indicate what soundcard elements you are going to be using for TX audio and RX audio, and select what you are using for PTT.

Plan on staying around after the next NPEN session for some images.


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