September 2015 repeater status update

Small steps………

Just when it appeared the 146.760 seemed to be settling in nicely, the Boys and Girls club public service event showed us that all was NOT well with our linked repeater system.  While the new 146.895 Fusion repeater worked well with a strong input signal, lower signals that should really have worked fine did not hold the repeater well at all.  We knew that we had set the squelch pretty tight to minimize some local interference, but the overall sensitivity does need more work.  It’s probably related, but 146.895 input audio was not linked well to the 146.760.  The reverse DID work well however (input on 146.760 sounded fine coming out on the 146.895).  Accordingly, I’ve unlinked both of those machines till we can resolve the receive sensitivity issues with the 146.895.

  • As an “interesting aside”, we know of at least one digital only QSO occuring on the 146.895 since the new repeater was installed, and had positive feedback from the user as to the operation and quality

The 146.760 is still running with input tone only.  I really want to make sure it continues to operate well in this mode before turning the output tone back on.  A short listen on 146.760 this morning proved to me that this frequency is quite crowded in this area, since I was able to hear at least 3 other machines on that frequency on my home station, and key up one that’s obviously not using tone access.  I’m very pleased with our 146.760’s coverage and receive sensitivity now that the new antennas have been installed.  BTW:  We’ve changed this machine to having only CW ID’s.  Hopefully this minor change makes the ID’s less intrusive to conversations.  We plan to make a similar change to the other repeaters as site visits occur.

We’ve delayed addressing the 146.925 repeater until we resolve the receive sensitivity problems at 146.895, and we’ve restored full confidence in the 146.760.

The 444.250 and remote base at Martha Jefferson Hospital, to the best of my knowledge, is working fine, even though it doesn’t get very much usage.  I’d really like to hear of more activity on that machine.

Please let us know your comments and suggestions for things you’d like to see or hear on the clubs repeaters.  As always MANY thanks to the folks who have helped the club with maintenance and work activities on the repeaters.

73,  Bill, N0WP

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