IRLP Reflector 9050 Returns to 146.730 Repeater

Since the AARC repeaters are getting back on-line, the Carter’s Mt. 146.730 repeater is being reconnected to the East Coast Reflector. Since we have not been connected for a while, a short review of IRLP protocol is reiterated.

Listen to make sure that a conversation is not already in progress. Key your microphone and wait at least a second before you start talking. When another stations stops talking, wait a few seconds before keying your radio. The IRLP reflector connection involves a large number of series and parallel radio elements and it takes a few hundred milliseconds for all the various elements to come up when you key up and to go down when you let off the mic key.

Every Tuesday evening at 8PM local time, the East Coast IRLP Technical Net and Swap Session will be meeting usually until 10PM. Check it out.

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