June 2015 Public Service Committee Report

June is always a hectic month for the Albemarle ARC. In addition to Field Day it is also the month for the annual MS150 Tour de Vine bike event. 2015 was the 27th consecutive year that the AARC has attended and provided communications support for this important fundraiser. Eleven local area amateur radio operators stepped up to contribute approximately 220 person hours of support. ARRL values our contribution of time at $19 per hour for a total person hour value of $4,180. Counting each repeater used and crediting each participant with at least $300 of personal ham radio equipment adds an additional value of $15,300 for a total value added of $19,480. This is more than a significant donation by the participants and by the Albemarle ARC.

Many thanks for doing a fantastic job under difficult circumstances go to:
Rick Shannon KJ4ZIH, Shannon Tevendale KJ4VJR, Ed Taylor KA4VMP, Manny Rodriguez K4MSR, Lenny Vincent N4LXP, Greg Faust N4PGS, Jeff Heavlin, K4OLW, Elmer Scott KF4UCI, Jon Scott KJ4RPW, and Gordon Winn WW4GW.

While the job got done, and was done with great skill, it was not done by the Albemarle ARC alone. AARC participation fell short of the number of volunteers adequate to staff this event. Without the generous participation by 3 people who are members of the Central Virginia Repeater Association, and not members of AARC, the AARC would have been subject to considerable embarrassment.

On a different topic, I received from Ruth Stornetta, event organizer for the Jefferson Cup and Miller School Bike races a check made out to the AARC in the amount of $250. Ruth’s note reads:
“For all you do for the community, for cycling, and for communications in Central Virginia – Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you 🙂 .

As is customary with donations made in recognition of the AARC Public Service, the check will be turned over to Don Eason N4UVA for deposit in the AARC account and earmarked as repeater funds.

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