2014 VA QSO Party, March 15 and 16.

random map of prior VA QSO party results
The 2014 VA QSO party is this weekend, Saturday March 15, 10 AM – 10 PM and Sunday 8 AM – 8 PM Virginia local time. This is a contest/operating event “to promote amateur radio activity in the 95 Virginia Counties and 38 Virginia Independent Cities”. At least on station of each QSO must be in VA; VA stations can work stations anywhere out of state stations can only work VA stations. Virginia Mobile/Expedition stations get a 100 point bonus for each Virginia County/Independent City from which they log a valid QSO. Multipliers are the total number of Virginia counties, Virginia Independent cities, U. S. States (except Virginia), Canadian Provinces, and DX entities. HF (No WARC bands), VHF, and UHF.


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