AARC Public Service

Many thanks to the following AARC members for a great job at the last Public Service Event, the Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge: John KU4KAE, Patsy K4PMC, Bill N0WP, Elmer KF4UCI, Don KE4DDR, Jon KJ4RPW, Jim K4BAV, Jim K4JEC, Greg N4PGS, and Paul AK4OH. You all did a fantastic job, and the event organizers were extremely pleased with the job we did. So thanks again for you time, your effort and your expertise.

It was fun to have Paul AK4OH riding the event as bike mobile, I hope we will see Paul as bike mobile on future cycling events. The last PS event of the 2012 season is coming Saturday, September 29. This will be the last opportunity for you to add to your PS event score for the year, so please make an effort to participate in this last event.

73 and see you on the 29th. de K4DND

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