Eight Passed Our License Exam on March 3

Mark (WA1A), our License Exam Coordinator, reports, “We had 8 applicants. All passed the exams they tested for. 5 techs, 2 generals and 1 extra. ”
The following Volunteer License Examiners were present to assist:

Mark Gorlinsky – WA1A
Dave Damon – K4DND
Skip Thacker – WD4LT
Harry Dannals – W2HD
Peter Thorsen – W4PRT
Kenneth Kang – KJ4KIH
William Arnold – K4IB
William Phillips – AD6JV
Wilfred Seay – KJ4XZ
Donald Eason – N4UVA

The next License Examination session is scheduled for June 2, 9 am, NRAO.

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