AARC VE Team Members

If you are not listed as an AARC VE Team Member, please let us know. The next VE session will be held Saturday, September 10, 0900 at NRAO.

Callsign Name # Sessions
W2HD Harry Dannals 50
WA1A Mark Gorlinsky 41
K4DU Bob Pattison 30
W6UZ John Gray 28
K4CGY Jim Owen 25
KO4WQ Rick Berman 22
K4DND Dave Damon 21
N0WP Bill Pond 13
AB3BB Bruce Budinger 10
W4PRT Pete Thorsen 6
K9MBQ Alan Swinger 6
N4UVA Don Eason Jr 5
K4IB Bill Arnold 4
KT4UO Terry Henderson 4
KJ4XZ Will Seay 4
AD6JV Bill Phillips 2
WD4LT Skip Thacker 1
KI5LLB Linda Beard 0
W4VK Chris Bortz 0

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