Local Media Coverage of AARC Field Day 2017

Newsplex on the air story, June 25:


TV 29 on the air story, June 24: 


Joe Thomas show on WCHV, June 23


Rob Schilling show on WINA with Bob Pattison, June 23:

The Schilling Show 6/23/17 Hour1: Jean Morrow, David Jackson, and Bob Pattison

Les Sinclair show on Z95.1 FM with Michael Rein, June 22:

Michael Rein: Albemarle HAM RADIO Field Day

Daily Progress, published June 22


Jane Foy on WINA with Vicky Eicher, June 19


Wendy Edwards on WINA with Jim Wilson, June 18


Daily Progress published June 14, 2017