Albemarle Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Speakers Needed for 2015

Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
Volunteer Speakers Needed for 2015 Suggested Topics Below
Contact Larry Eicher, K4JZQ

Any presenter will need to be willing to keep his/her presentation no longer than 30 minutes with some time for limited questions/answers.
Presentations may have access to a projector and screen.
The topic must be related to amateur radio. If you are interested, please send me:
your call/
your name/
your email/cell phone or however you would like to be contacted the topic/title of your proposed presentation and the projected running time

Read on for Topic Areas: Suggestions Only

Amateur Satellites

Amateur Television (SSTV, FSTV, etc.)

Amateur Radio apps for cell phones / iPads /Portable Devices Award Hunting

Building Antennas

Building Equipment/Kits/Accessories


Continuing Education Training/Courses

Conventions, Hamfests, Flea Markets Or SwapMeets Direction Finding (Foxhunting)


Emergency Communications/ARES/RACES

Emergency Power/Solar Power for radios

Field Day

Giving License Exams

Mobile Or Portable Operating

Nets- Starting and Managing a net

Personal Safety Related to Amateur Radio
Public Service Or Community Safety Related toAmateur Radio QRP/Low Power Operating

Radio Control – Drones?

Ragchewing/Casual Operating

Recruiting New Hams

Repeater Operation

Teaching New Hams – How to be an Elmer

Traffic Handling

Vintage Equipment (Restoring, Operating)

Weak Signal (VHF/UHF/Microwave)

A club “building” project such as a Trailer for Emergency Use. Options on Funding.
A member “Show and tell” night.
IRLP or Echolink explained in plain English.
Emergency Communications
What the EOC expects
What a full blown drill looks like
Interacting with UVA.
How to work DX.
Using a computer in the shack. What Types of Software are Available?
EQSL and Logbook of the World set up and use explained in plain English.
Antennas for HF – Dipoles vs Yagis vs Verticals. Which are Best and When?
The care and treatment of batteries and battery technology explained.
Setting up a station.
Operating Courtesy and operating techniques (How they change by mode).
Repeater Linking, the basics explained
Strategic planning for the club. (Where do we want to be in 5-10-20 years)
Recruiting Young people to ham radio. How Should We Approach This?
Recruiting and retaining folks to the hobby and members to the club.
Software Defined Radio Explained
Raspberry PI! What’s it all about?
Develop a “Handbook for New Hams”
Introduction to the American Radio Relay League and its services

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