Friday 2013-11-22: Ham Radio on TV: Last Man Standing

Picture of Tim Allen's character and child at ham station
Last Man Standing Website (ABC)

Photo Credit: show via (John Amodeo) ,
American Radio Supply, and KK4SHO.
├é┬ęTwentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
fair use.

Tim Allen’s character on the show Last Man Standing will work the 20m band and generate a pileup using audio recorded by real hams then videolog about ham radio.

If you can’t catch it during the original air time, the episode should also be available online at the show’s website for 1 week only, on Hulu (free) for about 5 weeks, and on Hulu+ (paid service) for the duration of the current season. Season 3, up to the current episode, is on Hulu+ and seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix streaming (paid service).

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