Makerspace preview at McIntire Plaza Fall Festival and Open House

Sketchup 3D model Image of future makerspace
Preliminary sketchup model of future makerspace.
Photo: Michael Asaro and Google

The local maker group organizer is taking possession of the rental property to be used for his woodworking business and the future local makerspace (Community Shop) on Nov 1. The shopping center which houses this happens to be having an open house from 2PM to 6PM this saturday 2013-09-14 and the Maker Group will have a table set out.

Banner for McIntire Plaza Fall Festival and Open House

Near Cville Coffee at Intersection of Harris St and McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA.
Latitude/Longitude: 38.040365, -78.478196

Central Virgina Makers (Meetup)

Although it has different organizers, there is a related event coming:
Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire: Oct 12:

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