AARC 2012 Field Day trumps last year

Our club really came through with an outstanding performance during Field Day 2012. Much of the credit for that has to go to Bill Pond N0WP and Jim Owen K4CGY for their dedicated leadership. To me, the most rewarding aspect of leadership is to discover people standing with you to push the successful effort along because no one of us can do it alone. Bill and Jim are the perfect duo for Field Day. I so much admire people with the “can do” attitude they bring to Field Day and so many others within our club bring to other club projects. That is what makes our club special and a standout among amateur radio clubs!
Bill said, “Congratulations to all of AARC! Field Day 2012 is now history, and we had a fantastic turnout. The weather was a bit on the warm side!! But it’s Field day. I think there is a rule that states Field Day has to be hot. I can’t find it in the rule book, but it surely must be there…… The food was great, the companionship couldn’t be better, and we had what appeared to me to be a record number of visitors. I’m not sure if I’m correct on this point, but I think it may be the first year over the past 3 that we kept at least one transmitter active all night.
“Thank you to all who helped, visited, or participated in any way. Field day to me is a fantastic opportunity to come together and enjoy as a group many possible aspects of our hobby, while gaining skills, and demonstrating these skills to some of our served agencies. We as a club, and every individual member should be proud of our efforts this year.
“I’m working on gathering together the required information for our formal submission to the ARRL, but at this moment, it appears we have had a healthy increase in our overall score.
Here’s a comparison with last year, and how the total looks to come out based on what I’m aware of for bonus points:
We made CW contacts of 281 as compared to 2011 CW contacts of 138. More than DOUBLE our 2011 CW contacts!!!!!
Digital contacts 156 — 2011 Digital contacts: 88 Almost double our 2011 Digital contacts!
Phone contacts 769 — 2011 phone contacts: 705
QSO points: 3286 2011 QSO points: 2314
Bonus points: 1150 2011 Bonus points: 1150
Estimated Total score 4436 as compared to 2011 Total score: 3684
Thanks again to everyone.”
73 de Bill N0WP

What more can one say?

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