AARC Named Club Of The Year by Dayton Hamvention Committee

The Albemarle Amateur Radio Club was selected February 17 as the Amateur Radio Club of the Year for the entire United States. The club received this award by unanimous vote of five independent judges representing the Dayton Hamvention, the largest meeting of amateur radio operators in the United States.
Hamvention Chairman Michael Kalter, W8CI, telephoned Jim Crosby, K4JEC, club president, Thursday evening shortly before 9 p.m. to announce the honor. He said that the competition was fierce.
Frank Beafore – WS8B, Dayton Hamvention Awards Chairman, stated, “This is the ‘Academy Awards’ of the Hamvention. In the past number of years, no matter that the winner was an obscure public servant or a world renowned astronaut, the humble surprise is always the same – ‘I cannot believe I am a Hamvention award winner.’ Last year we experimented with a new award – The Club of the Year – with great success. Because of the number of great clubs nominated and their big contributions to the growth of Ham Radio, we elected to make this award a permanent addition to the Hamvention Awards event.”
And for 2011, they picked the Albemarle Amateur Radio Club.
The Dayton Hamvention Committee recommends that we take a delegation of members next May to Dayton to receive the award. They also suggested that we present a forum there on the subject of “How to become the ideal radio club.”
Club President Crosby said, “Our club has just walked into the spotlight of the amateur radio world stage. We now have a tiger by the tail and how we respond will only validate our members’ efforts of the past that have served to earn the award!”
The Albemarle Amateur Radio Club, Inc was formed in 1963, incorporated in 1970 and determined by the IRS to be a public charity as defined in the Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (c) (3) in 2009.

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