146.925 now on S-Com 7330

On Wednesday, March 21, K4OLW, KE4HX, and myself (N0WP) installed the club’s new S-Com 7330 controller to replace the Arcom RC210 that’s been there for a long while. The new controller gives us a tremendous amount of new configurability and capabilities, but mostly we’re hoping for a huge increase in stability and predictability. Please use the 146.925 and 444.250 repeaters, both of which are under the control of the new controller whenever you have a chance, and are within the coverage area, mostly around or near Charlottesville. The 146.925 is full time linked with the 146.895 at Bucks Elbow near the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Crozet.

For those with an interest of such things, here is a photo of the new 7330 At the middle of our cabinet just above the Yaesu Fusion 146.925 DR1-x repeater at Sentara/Martha Jefferson Hospital. The 444.250 is the Kenwood TKR-820 on the top


Bill, N0WP