Brief Repeater update September 2017

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I made a post here, but I did want to let everyone know what we’ve recently done.  On Wednesday, September 27, Jeff, K4OLW and myself made a trip to the 146.895 site at Bucks Elbow, West of Crozet, primarily to make some audio improvements to the link, focused on audio entering at 146.925 and leaving at 146.895.  In addition, we took the opportunity to also remove the 224.760 repeater and it’s duplexer in order to check it out at home prior to the anticipated installation at Heards Mt., near Covesville.  This will be at the same site as our existing 146.760 machine.  We have received the new Hustler G7-220 antenna that will be used for the 224.760 at that location, and feel we’ll be able to experience some good coverage and usage there.

Keep tuned for more activity.  We do need to spend some time peaking up the audio FROM 146.895 TO the 146.925, but that will wait until the 224.760 has been relocated.

As far as we know, the audio FROM the 146.925 TO the 146.895 is now of good quality, and of consistent level.  Please let us know if this is not the case.


Bill, N0WP