Quick Repeater update 8/11/15

We’re in the midst of some “growing pains”, but hopefully we’re on the way to better days.

146.760 is now running with the Vertex VXR9000 that we moved from it’s former home at Bucks Elbow where it was our 146.895 repeater.

The link repeater is now at Bucks Elbow

146.895 is now the new Yaesu Fusion repeater. It’s been transmitting some “machine gun” noises from time to time, the source of which is still a mystery. Perhaps it’s related to the digital function, but I’m not convinced yet. Stay tuned on that one.

146.925 has gone “somewhere”. We’re not certain yet, but will be making a visit soon. It appears the transmitter has gone dead, but since we planned to install the former 146.760 Vertex VXR5000 at the site, we will probably take that approach at our first opportunity.

The two new antennas for the 146.760 site have arrived, and are awaiting the tower guy who’s supposed to be here hopefully in the August 17/18 timeframe. We’re hoping this will allow us to eliminate the ongoing issue with outgoing CTCSS tones. Stay tuned for updates there as well.

73 and please let me know your comments or ideas.

Bill, N0WP

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