March 2015 Technical Committee report

Other than some excitement late in February, this report contains good news. I had reported some interference issues on February 24 with the linked repeaters. The issue continued for a couple days, but then resolved and has not repeated. It took us a short time to restore some settings that we had changed while evaluating the issue, but since then, all repeaters have continued to operate well.

We’re still very happy with the improvements to repeater performance primarily with the 146.760 repeater after we replaced its duplexer with the newly repaired and tuned duplexer from 146.925. Following that work, we repaired and retuned the original 146.760 duplexer for 146.925 and were able to restore 146.925 to service.

We have purchased a new tone encoder/decoder unit that we’re planning to install at 146.760 at our earliest opportunity, weather permitting. Along with some required reprogramming of the controller, this will allow us to turn the outgoing tone back on, and give us the ability to turn the outgoing tone on or off remotely. This will allow us to use full CTCSS tone squelch on our radios. I’m sure everyone will appreciate this when occasional ducting occurs.

Please let us know of any comments, ideas, or concerns with the repeaters or any other questions we might be able to assist with.

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