146.760 repeater update on problems

Dave Damon called me last evening with news of some problems with the .760 repeater system. It seems that all 3 of our two meter transmitters were essentially transmitting full time. They were only timing out on the programmed transmit time out timer, but then immediately began transmitting a dead carrier. Dave and I worked briefly on this, and were successful in unlinking the .895 and the .925, bringing them back to “normal” unlinked operation. However, there is still something very odd going on with the .760. We were able to unlink it from the 440 link hub, but re-initializing the controller did not return the 2 meter transmitter to normal operation. It also seems we’re experiencing problems both with the 2 meter receiver and transmitter.

I’m going to continue attempts to diagnose what I can remotely, but at this time, it appears a physical site visit will be required to learn much more. With our current weather and snow issues, we’re not certain when that can be accomplished.

In the meantime, Dave has generously offered to leave his 146.730 repeater disconnected from the IRLP reflector, leaving it available for local usage. I would suggest we move the Monday evening info net to the 146.730 K4DND repeater until we can get the issues resolved with the 146.760 AARC machine. This repeater has similar, and probably better coverage than the 146.760, so is a fantastic alternative.

Other than during the Monday evening Info net, and the regular Thursday evening ARES net at 8:00 PM, please feel free to use the 146.730 repeater for communications where you’d normally use the 146.760.

The 146.895 and the 146.925 repeaters will remain operational as stand-alone, unlinked repeaters till we can resolve the issues with the 146.760.

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